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At PVT we are steadily striving to be the area’s best telecommunications provider, equaling or surpassing those seen in large metropolitan areas.

We hire locally and currently have more than 100 employees in SE New Mexico. As a company and as part of your communities we focus on you. PVT employees volunteer in their communities, we partner with business in the area, and we sponsor local events. Reinvesting in the communities we serve is our highest priority

Peñasco Valley Telephone Cooperative is very proud to have been serving in this area for more than 60 years.  The telecommunications industry has changed dramatically from the time we began until now.  Through strategic planning and a committed Board of Directors, PVT has positioned itself to respond to an increasing demand for voice, video and data related communications solutions.

In order to protect your interests, PVT continues to be very active in the regulatory arena.  This is of ever increasing importance.  We realize that technological capabilities are not enough.  Our employees continually train to develop and maintain the skills needed.  It is the skills and abilities and commitment of our employees that differentiates us from our competitors.

As a member of PVT, you are an owner in a unique business, a communications cooperative.  And, as an owner you have the following privileges:

  • You have a vote; you elect the Board of Directors.
  • You invest in your community.  PVT is a local company.
  • You can get money back in the form of capital credits.
  • You are served by friends and neighbors.

Today, PVT strives to provide our members with the same quality and selection of telecommunications services available anywhere in the world.  It is important to us to provide superior, personalized service and to actively support the communities we serve.  We donate to and sponsor activities in the various schools in our serving area, FFA/4H, Grammy’s House, United Way, county fairs, the Artesia General Hospital Fund, and many more.  Unclaimed capital credits have allowed us to award over $350,000 in scholarships since 1995.  We have awarded 105 scholarships since the inception of our Education Foundation.

When it comes to technology, PVT leads the way; and when it comes to local commitment, no one can match our home-grown dedication.

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