1 gig internet speeds are now available from PVT in Artesia, Cloudcroft and select areas of the Coop. With faster speeds, PVT aims to provide internet that fits your home and business needs. PVT has been working hard on updating its network, with the goal of getting higher speeds to our members as quickly as possible.

With high speed reliable internet and managed WiFi from PVT, you can power your game consoles, computers, streaming video players, and all your home’s connected devices. Finding out if your location qualifies for 1 gig speeds is as simple as checking your address at PVT.com or calling 575-748-1241. You can also check the maps in the gallery below.

PVT plans to steadily build to more neighborhoods, providing fast and reliable internet to its members and the communities who lack these services. Through the awards received from the ReConnect programs, PVT has begun implementing plans to provide 80% of Coop members with 1 Gig Internet. 

PVT does not have data caps for any users. Connect with PVT internet to work remotely, play, stream, and do all the things you need to do online.