Plug in the Netgear Nighthawk to the network.

Once connected, your computer may popup a location selection for your router, if you are installing this at your home, choose Home network.

It will make this the default connection for your internet.

Now open your browser, Google Chrome or Internet explorer and type in the address bar:

It will redirect to the router login screen to setup the router

The information to login to the router is located on the bottom of the device.

Some routers may provide promotions or specials, you can enable them, or skip them, or never show them again.

When logged into the device, the internet will show that it is not connected to a network.

When the internet box is clicked, it will show the IP that it is currently pulling.

Type into the browser address bar. If popups are being blocked, they will need to be allowed for the login to popup.

Here will be where the username and password will need to be entered for authentication.

Once the router has been rebooted, log back into it by typing in the address bar.

Here you will see that it is now pulling a proper IP from DHCPatriot, and internet should now be accessible.