Telephone Service

PVT offers telephone service in the New Mexico Communities of Arabela, Cottonwood, Glencoe, Hondo, Hope, Lake Arthur, Lakewood, Lincoln, Loco Hills, Mayhill, Picacho, Pinon, Riverside (West), Sacramento, San Patricio, Seven Rivers, Tinnie, and Weed.  If you live in one of these communities, click the button below for more information.

Digital Voice

PVT offers digital phone service in the New Mexico communities of Artesia, Carlsbad, and Cloudcroft.  If you live in one of these communities, please click the following button for more information.

As a USF participant, Peñasco Valley Telephone Cooperative provides the following services:

  • Access to Operator Services
  • Access to Interexchange Service (Toll Access)
  • Access to Directory Assistance
  • Toll Limitation for Qualifying Low-Income Consumers (Lifeline)
  • Voice Grade Access to the PSTN (Dial Tone)
  • Local Usage (Free Local Minutes of Use)
  • Dual Tone Multi-Frequency Signaling (Shortens Call Set-Up Time)
  • Single Party Service
  • Access to Emergency Services (911)

The prices for landline telephone service are for those residents living the Peñasco Valley Telephone Cooperative exchanges.