Computer and Networking Support

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Enhance your internet experience with eTech! Get the computer support you need, when you need it – from the comfort of your own home. With PVT e-Tech, rid your computer of the malicious spyware & viruses that slow you you down. It’s  like an oil change for your computer – keeping things running smoothly.

e-Tech Tune Up

$49.95 Per Instance

This package maximizes your computer’s functionality. Our experienced e-Tech technicians will get your computer back up to speed by:

  • Cleaning temporary files
  • Running all system updates
  • Reducing the number of applications loaded at start up
  • Removing unused applications
  • Adjusting settings to improve performance
  • Defragmenting the hard drive to optimize disk performance
  • Cleaning the registry

Schedule a Tune Up by calling us at 855-593-8324.

e-Tech Training

$59.95 Per Instance

Our techs will assist you with  your new computer or Mac or upgraded operating system. Our training session will offer explanations of common tasks and questions including:

  • Pointers on configuring automatic updates
  • Building multiple user accounts to protect sensitive data
  • Setting up new users/accounts
  • Setting up email clients
  • Running OS (operating system) tutorials
  • Explaining common tasks.

Schedule a Training by calling us at 855-593-8324.

e-Tech Clean Up

$79.95 Per Instance

Our techs will scan your computer and remove common threats, viruses and spyware which can slow you to a crawl and they will proactively set you up to avoid future problems. Our Clean Up includes:

  • running system updates
  • updating or installing Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software
  • removing malicious software
  • full system scan for hidden infections
  • cleaning system of infections

Schedule a Clean Up by calling us at 855-593-8324.

e-Tech Repair

$99.95 Per Instance

If your challenges exceed the Tune Up and Clean-Up solutions, then our e-Tech Full System Review and Repair is the answer. This package offers a higher level support solution which covers a broad spectrum of troubleshooting including:

  • general troubleshooting of computer issues
  • installing all Windows updates and configure automatic updates
  • installing software updates and configure automatic updates
  • configuring AV (audio visual) software for full system scans
  • repairing browser related issues
  • repairing OS (operating system) related issues

Schedule a Repair by calling us at 855-593-8324.

e-Tech Premier

$159.95 Per Year or $69.95 + $12.95 Monthly

The premier support plan provides an unlimited technical support option for any service. This plan includes access to the e-Tech technical staff as often as needed in order to assist with any type of enhanced service including:

  • unlimited tech support
  • flexible payment options

Take advantage of our premier solution simply by making a call. Our qualified techs will speak with you to determine the best service package.

Sign up for e-Tech Premier by calling us at 855-593-8324.

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