This allows you to dial a pre-selected number by entering two digits followed by the pound key. You may set up as many as eight Speed Dialing keys.

To enable:
To set up the Speed Dialing keys do the following:

      1. Lift the receiver and wait for dial tone.
      2. Dial *74 and then an unused double digit from 2 through 9, to assign as the Speed Dialing digits. Wait for dial tone to return.
      3. Dial the destination phone number to be associated with the Speed Dialing digits. Make sure you include all the digits you regularly dial in the phone number for that destination. i.e. 1+area code if necessary.
      4. Wait for the confirmation announcement and hang up. The Speed Dialing digits you specified are assigned to the destination number.
      5. Repeat these steps for each destination number to which you want to assign a 2-digit Speed Dialing to. Keep a written record of the numbers you have associated with Speed Dialing digits.
      6. You may also follow these same steps to change the number of a currently assigned 2-digit Speed Dialing number. Just enter the 2-digit number to be reassigned and then the new 10-digit phone number.

To disable:

      1. Lift the receiver and wait for dial tone.
      2. Dial *84 and then the Speed Dialing digits you want to cancel.
      3. When you hear the deactivation announcement. the Speed Dialing for the outgoing phone number you originally specified is deactivated.
      4. Repeat these steps for each of the Speed Dialing numbers you want to deactivate.

Note: Only one Speed Dialing number assignment or change can be made per call, to assign or change several numbers you must hang up in between each.