Safe Haven: Because we care about our community!

PVT and Central Valley Electric Cooperative (CVE) care about our communities and are working together through the Safe Haven program to help those who are lost, stranded, hurt or feeling threatened by strangers.

If you’re ever in need of immediate assistance look for the SAFE HAVEN bumper sticker on any PVT or CVE company vehicle.

Safe Haven is a program in which your local utilities work with law enforcement and emergency agencies to report people in distress, dangerous incidents and possible criminal acts. Our company vehicles are easily recognized by their distinctive logos and Safe Haven bumper stickers. When you make your need known to us, our employees will notify the police or other appropriate authorities.

If you need help:

  • Approach our company vehicle from the front
  • Ask our employees to call for assistance
  • Wait beside company vehicle

PVT and CVE… serving our community and making it safe.