PVT’s infrastructure upgrade brings higher speeds for the majority of its members spread across its 4,600 square miles of coverage area.

December 1, 2015—Artesia, NM— Peñasco Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc, a leading provider of telecommunications services in southeastern New Mexico, has completed significant upgrades across its network to brings faster speeds to more than 95 percent of its service area.

“The faster and more reliable services will provide families, students and small business owners with increased communications capabilities in their homes, schools and businesses,” said Glenn Lovelace, Chief Executive Officer at PVT. “It is increasingly important to connect with all levels of the community. This upgrade is important as a means for our community and local businesses to grow. PVT continues to grow its services and reliability to benefit its members in their homes, businesses and schools.”

PVT was founded more than six decades ago by cooperative members within the rural areas of southeastern New Mexico. It served as a means of ensuring access to vital telecommunications services. PVT continues in this spirit today, and is frequently the only service provider devoting resources to improve telecommunications in rural southeastern New Mexico.

PVT’s goal with the upgrade is to increase service while providing the best price possible to its members.

“We have built out our facilities to provide up to 10 Meg internet service to co-op members. Providing this upgrade is our stepping-off point for continually improved services to meet the ever-expanding needs of our membership,” Lovelace continued. “PVT has added 6 Meg and 10 Meg speeds to support simultaneous home connections of the ever-growing number of internet-dependent devices. It will also allow members to stream videos, experience internet star-gazing, have a telemedicine consult, or to take advantage of the vast number of other online services available to enrich and improve their lives.”

The upgraded speeds will be available to cooperative members on January 1, 2016.