If you want lower rates on broadband Internet service, please help PVT by signing this petition that advocates for the rights of rural Americans like you to have access to affordable broadband.

The petition is directed at the FCC and Congress, and addresses the FCC’s Transformation Order that has negatively impacted PVT and other companies across America that are bringing modern telecommunications services to rural areas to bridge the “Digital Divide.”

The “Digital Divide,” is a term used to describe the discrepancy between technological services available in urban and rural areas across the country. While this terminology may be relatively new, the underlying principles are not.  In 1934, Congress issued the Communications Act in order to ensure that all Americans received the highest-quality communications technology at affordable rates regardless of where they lived.

The 1934 Act received an update in 1996, which established a program called the Universal Service Fund (USF).  The purpose of the USF was to assist areas and communities of relatively high-cost and low population-density and to provide them with high-quality telephone service at affordable prices.

With the inception of the Internet, our concept of “communications” technology has been revolutionized.  With this technological revolution, our standard of living has also been irrevocably changed.  In order for any individual or community to have the best chance to succeed and thrive, access to broadband Internet is absolutely imperative.

Unfortunately, recent regulatory changes made by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) jeopardize the ability of small-town and rural communities to receive access to high-quality broadband.

The USF has not been modified to reflect the transition in technological usage from telephone service to high-speed Internet.  The FCC has stated that it wishes to connect all Americans to broadband, but thus far has not provided any additional support to realize this goal.  On the contrary, universal service funding has actually been greatly reduced and no plan is currently in place to fund standalone broadband service to rural and small-town communities.

Take action now by signing and sharing the petition. You can also contact the FCC and Congress and let them know that they must ensure that the proper programs and mechanisms are in place to provide these services to all corners of the country, not just now, but also into the future as technology continues to change and progress.

The Congressmen that represent Southeastern New Mexicans are Sen. Tom Udall (D), Sen. Martin Heinrich (D), and Rep. Stevan Pearce (R).

Let your voice be heard today!