In 1949, 75 people invested in a switchboard to connect the rugged residents of Hope, New Mexico to the rest of the world, founding what would become Peñasco Valley Telephone Cooperative.

Starting with telephone lines, and growing with the needs of the community, PVT is your cooperative and has developed the infrastructure that keeps remote southeastern New Mexicans connected to modern technology. PVT continues this pioneer spirit today by reinvesting in technology within the communities of our members. Your membership in the cooperative is an investment in your community that continues what the founders of the cooperative started years ago.

Another way to support the community is by donating to the Peñasco Valley Telephone Cooperative Education Foundation fund. This gives a student in need the opportunity to gain more skills and experience to bring back to our neighborhoods.

The PVT Board of Directors has established the PVT Directors’ Memorial Scholarship to honor past Board members who have served at least nine consecutive years on the Board. In 2018 George Sisneros from the Hondo exchange will be honored.

With your help we can provide more students in our community with support as they enter college. The Board will award one or more one-time $500 scholarships for the freshman year only depending on funds and qualified applicants. The recipients will be selected from the PVT scholarship applications of that current year. The scholarship is based on community service and priority will be given to students from the honored directors’ exchange; however, it is not limited to students from that exchange.

Please let us know if you can help support a college-bound student in the coming year with a donation to the Memorial Scholarship. Personal and business donations are tax deductible. Thank you for your support of the PVT Education Foundation fund.

For more information on how you can lend your support, call the PVT offices at 575-748-1241 and ask for Caleen Williams.