Introducing PVT Connected Home WiFi

Your worry-free solution for the best WiFi experience throughout your entire home.

To upgrade your home with PVT Connected Home WiFi, call PVT at 575-748-1241 or email


State-of-the-art equipment for the best WiFi experience.

  • Complete WiFi Coverage

  • Professional Installation

  • Network Optimization

Simple & Functional

We’ll take care of the technology while you relax.

  • 24/7 Support

  • Wireless Encryption

  • Maximum Performance

Full home coverage

WiFi Extenders are available to give you complete coverage.

  • No Dead Spots

  • WiFi extenders are only $7.50/mo

  • Help Connecting Future Devices

PVT Connected Home WiFi makes everything easy.

We all know struggling with a weak WiFi signal is a big hassle. Making sure your WiFi is working correctly can be confusing, and optimizing your connection often requires expert knowledge. That’s why PVT has introduced Connected Home WiFi.

With Connected Home WiFi, your connection will be reliable and strong, delivering the Internet you need.

PVT provides these services with Connected Home WiFi:

  • We install a state-of-the-art router for a faster, smarter, and safer connection.

  • Our professionally installed equipment checks for interference, and chooses a channel with the least noise.

  • We can install wireless extenders to give you complete coverage throughout your entire home.

  • Our state-of-the-art equipment uses the most up-to-date wireless encryption.

Corner to corner, worry-free, whole home WiFi coverage starts at $10.00 per month. Add a WiFi extender for only an additional $7.50 per month. If you are a current PVT internet customer, and would like to upgrade your home with PVT Connected Home WiFi, call PVT at 575-748-1241 or email

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