Get connected with SENM’s most reliable broadband internet today by calling PVT at 575-748-1241.

PVT delivers high speed internet in the communities of Cottonwood, Hondo, Hope, Lakewood, Loco Hills and Mayhill. Call one of our friendly customer experience representatives to find out what speeds are available at your address.

Residential Cooperative Internet Packages

Available Speeds Monthly Internet Price
Speeds up to 4×1 Mbps $46.99
Speeds up to 10×1 Mbps $59.99
Speeds up to 25×3 Mbps $74.95
Speeds up to 50×5 Mbps $84.95
Speeds up to 100×20 Mbps $94.95
Speeds up to 100×100 Mbps $204.95
Speeds up to 200×20 Mbps $104.95
Speeds up to 500×20 Mbps $154.95
Speeds up to 1Gx50 Mbps $204.95
Prices valid with 3 year agreement.

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Static IP addresses | $10.00 per month

Actual speeds vary due to many factors including hardware configuration and network traffic. Please call to verify speeds and pricing available in your area. Prices are subject to change. Restrictions and early termination fees may apply.

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